We look for fund managers who have the following investment objectives/philosophy:

  • A priority toward client interests which translates into 95% client retention
  • A process of identifying fundamentally sound and well managed companies with a favorable track record and long-term growth potential
  • An investment strategy that focuses on real returns or returns net of inflation (Absolute Return)
  • A focus on growing investors’ wealth over a long-term horizon through a disciplined approach
  • A bottom-up approach to investing
  • Stability and consistency in the fund management process and the fund manager with a good track record of over 10 years over several market ups and downs
  • A belief in themselves and their funds proven by self-investment
  • Fund Management firms which do not give multiple distributions to grow their AUM.
  • Fund Management firms with a fair fee structure
We have chosen fund managers with different scheme objectives to offer
diversification options for our investors.